What is Short Mat bowls?

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Short Mat bowls is a scaled down version of the indoor bowling that is seen on television, except that we play on portable lightweight bowling carpets, which measure 45 feet by 6 feet (13.75 x 1.85 metres), they are rolled out in seconds and are easily rolled back up after use. The game is played like other forms of the sport, with full sized bowls being used to bowl up and down the carpet.

Thus any suitably sized room can be turned into a temporary bowling green that is completely unaffected by the weather. This is why the sport has grown to over 100,000 players in just a few short years. The game has become so popular that it is now being taken up in other parts of the world.

Short Mat bowls is a completely mixed sport in which men and women compete equally together. Indeed, it has become a great family sport involving both sex's and all ages from under 9 to over 90. The mixed nature of the sport has also created a great social atmosphere and offers plenty of occasions for single players to play the game in a social and friendly atmosphere .

As well as the fun and social side, the sport has a serious side for the ultra competitive, with national and international championships. The pinnacle of most player's ambitions can be reached by playing for their country at the British Isles or World Championships. Short Mat bowls has everything and is a really great sport - why not give it a try? You may be bowled over!

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